If you intend to provide telecommunications services entirely within a single state (like California), you may need a separate license from a regulatory body in that state (typically, the Public Service Commission of the state). Whether or not you need a license depends on many factors, including whether the state has jurisdiction over your service, whether the state requires a license or just a registration and whether your service is provided using your own facilities or by reselling the services of another company. Although there are similarities in the way the several states regulate telecommunications services, the process is as varied as the states themselves. Some states allow a straightforward online registration for competitive services, while other states still have a public notice and hearing process. And while some states no longer require the filing of a tariff, other states not only require the tariff, they have a specific tariffing format and content requirements.

Do I have to be incorporated in the state in which I want to provide services?

Not usually. But you must register with the Secretary of State (or equivalent office) of that state to do business there. This is a routine filing and is generally not expensive.

Do I need a state license to provide wireless services or to do broadcast?

The short answer is no. Although there are other requirements -- such as business licenses and the like, the states do not regulate the provision of broadcast or wireless services.

How much does it cost to get a license from a state?

The fees charged by the various states can be all over the map. Some states charge no filing fee. While fees for other states (like Maryland) are extremely high.

We charge a flat fee for obtaining a license, registration or certification from a state. Please contact us for pricing information. Discounts are available for multiple states.


Who Needs the License? Anyone providing regulated telecom services entirely within a state.

How Long Does It Take? Processing times vary by state. The shortest can be one day. The longest can be several months.

How Much Does it Cost? Contact us for the fees related to a specific state. Add to that amount the filing fees (if any) of the state, and certain limited expenses associated with the filing.

How Do I Get Started? Call us to begin the application process. Contact information is here.

"I appreciate the way Tom uses technology to communicate with his clients and provide his services. From the website login to pdf versions of FCC notices, Tom makes it easy to follow the progress of a license application."

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